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Aurora Vernita Dingus Bransford, maternal grandmother

I am Peter Byrd of Douglasville, Georgia (Metro Atlanta) having moved here after 20 years in the Baltimore/Washington Area.  Since I have relocated to the rural setting of western Georgia, I have been working in earnest on the writing of my families' histories. 

 I am including the Byrds, my father's people, who were and are Jewetts and Brittinghams of the DelMarVa Peninsula on Maryland's eastern shore (Somerset County).  For those who don't know, DelMarVa indicates a peninsula that is split between Delaware at the north, Maryland in the center and Virginia at the southern tip in land boundaries that coincide with the landside boundaries of each state.  These families are documented as free blacks in Somerset and Worcester Counties back to 1780 in the federal cencus schedules.

** Indicates that there are photographs of the person.

Also see the site below for more photographs of all lines of the families.

My father's maternal families were Jenkins and Stuarts in Augusta and Albermarles counties at the foothills of the Shenandoah mountains  Waynesboro)and the region near Charlottesville (White Hall Station) in later years.  These uncles, aunts, grands and great-grands are shown as free blacks in the federal census schedules back to 1801 and in the Freedman' Bureau's logs of Virginia prior to their moves to New Jersey in the early 1900's and later.

The longest line I have found is the matrilineal ancestry of Perrills or Pearles, Calimans, Guys, Browns, Longdons, Dingus and Bransfords.  These are the surnames of the grandfathers who married the grandmothers of this Perrill or Pearle line, as listed by generation below.  The line reaches its current limit at Isaah and Joshua Braxton, my brother Joel's grandsons.  They are the 13th line of "Mulatto Robyn" or Robert Pearle who was born about 1686 in Baltimore County, Maryland, not more than 30 miles from the birth place of Isaah and Joshua.

Probable 7th Greats

1  (Unconfirmed) It is believed by many family members that  Robert "Mullatto Robyn" Pearle/Perrill, born 1686 in Balitmore County, MD and died in Frederick County, MD in 1765 ) and Ann Jarvis (unproven) were the grandparents of Henrietta Pearle/Perrill Caliman.  The will of Robert Pearle/Perrill indicates the children of Robert and Ann Jarvis (unconfirmed).  There are several sites that have information on the Pearles/Perrills of Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.   Their known children, as noted in Robert Pearle's will in 1765 were; Daniel, Thomas, James, Basil or Bazel, Charles, Ann and Catherine.  The order of their birth is not confirmed but they were born between approximately 1710 and 1740.  Through all of the notes, I have not been able to confirm who the parent of Henrietta Perrill, my 5th great grandmother is.  She may have been a grand daughter of Robert's children but all of Robert's children were born in Frederick County, Maryland.  Henrietta Perrill was born in Frederick County, Maryland in 1768.  There are several notes that indicate her birth in Virginia but on the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census, her birth place is noted as Maryland.  The site below reveals several pages regarding children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Maryland Pearles/Perrills.   Glean what ye may, the facts are still difficult to understand at this writing.  There are sections of the information that seem to suggest that James Cranford (born about 1646 in England and transported to the American Colonies in 1667 and died in 1699 in Calvert County Maryland when struck by lightning) is the father of Robert Pearle/Perrill.  Information from Cranford's will bequeath land at Beaver Dam to Robert Pearle and indicate a very close relationship with Cranford's son.


6th Greats

2 John Callaman, born in (what is now) Bourbon County, Kentucky about 1746 and died in Washington County Maryland in 1830 where he is buried.  There are Caliman descendants who believe that he is the father of John, Moses**, Aaron and Zilpah Caliman.  Zilphah Caliman married one of the two Thomas Pearles at the Reformed Church of Frederick on March 5, 1791.

2  Lord Amos Guy birth unknown of London, England was the father of James A. "Grandfather" Guy, Sr.   He and the unknown woman of color are my 6th great grandparents.

2  Michel or Michael and Gertrude Dingess born about 1712 in Mittleburg, (near Mainz) Germany were the parents of Johannes Peter Dingess.  they sailed to Philadelphia aboard "The Brothers" from Rotterdam but did not survive the voyage in 1751.  If Charles Anderson Dingess is Rhoda's father, than Michel or Michael and Gertrude Dingess are my 6th great grandparents.

5th Greats  

3 Moses Caliman Sr.** was born 1762 in New Jersey, according to 1850 federal census of Muskingum County, Ohio that indicates his birthplace as New Jersey although oral histories suggest he was born in Virginia.   On the same census schedule it indicates that Henrietta Pearle was born in 1766 in Maryland although oral histories of ancestors say that Henrietta was born in Virginia. (Ann Caliman's** parents)

3 James A. "Grandfather" Guy (born in 1772 in Anne Arundel County, MD) and Deborah Ridgley who was born in Anne Arundel County MD in 1776.  They are the parents of Lydia Guy Brown** (mother of my 3rd great James G. Brown) and  Amos C Guy, (father of Henrietta Guy Brown, wife and cousin of Lydia's son, James G. Brown).

3  Johannes Peter Dingess is and May Polly Anderson were  the parents of Charles Anderson Dingess, the probable father of Rhoda Dingess/Dingus.  Peter Dingess, as he was called was born in Mittleburg (near Mainz) about 1735.  He came with his parents and sister sailed on board the "Brothers" from Rotterdam in 1751.  His parents died on the voyage and he and his sister arrived orphans in Philadelphia.  His sister and he were seperated and no further information is known regarding her life.  He lived in Botecourt  and Montgomery Counties, VA. and died Giles County, VA in 1809.  If Charles Anderson Dingess is Rhoda's father, than Johannes Peter Dingess and Mary Polly Anderson Dingess are my 5th great grandparents.

4th Greats

4 Amos C Guy (born 1810 in St. Mary's County, MD) and Ann Caliman** (born in Frederick Maryland in 1813).  They moved to Zanesville, OH around 1824.  Their children were James (December 11 1831), Henrietta**, my 3rd great (Dec 25 1833), Deborah** (Aug 21 1836),  Elisha (Apr 15 1840), Mary A. (Mar 22 1844), Amos C., Jr. (Jan 22 1847), Margaret and Elizabeth (Jul 13 1850), Martha (Jun 3 1853), Joseph E. (May 22 1856).    They were the parents of Henrietta Guy Brown** and my 4th great grandparents

4 Charles M Brown (born 1801 in Virginia) and Lydia Guy (born in St. Mary's County or Anne Arundel County, MD in 1807).  Lydia Guy Brown** died about 1847.  Charles M Brown's 2nd wife is Martha (Barnett) Brown with no known children. Lydia and Charles' children were  James G.** , my 3rd great (1830), Franklin (1832), John (1833), Rebecca (1835), Lucretia (1839), Charles (1841), William (1842), Henrietta (1844) and the youngest Liddia (1845).   Charles M. and Lydia Guy Brown were  James G Brown's** parents and my 4th great grandparents.

4  Charles Anderson Dingess is the probable father of Rhoda Dingus, the paternal grandmother of my great grandfather James Andrew Dingus (father of my maternal grandmother, Aurora Vernita Dinus Bransford).  Charles Dingess made specific provisions for my 3rd great grandmother which note her as his daughter, though unconfirmed with an unknown slave mother also purported by other white Dingess/Dingus descendants.  More details for this likelihood will be detailed in another venue.  This would make Charles Anderson Dingus my 4th great grandfather.

4  Millie Bransford was the mother of "Little Hannah" (mother of my 2nd great Sam).  She was born about 1770, probably on the plantation of John Bransford II in Buckingham Co, Va by Thomas Bransford.  In the Thomas Bransford family papers, the slaves who were African were specified and Millie was not among those slaves.  She had a son, named Dave, who died in adolescence and prior to the move to Kentucky.  "Little Hannah's father is unknown.  Millie Bransford is my 4th great grandmother.

4  Eli Brittingham and Rose (nee' unknown) were the parents of Henry Brittingham.  Eli is shown on the 1840 and 1850 federal census schedules as free in Worcester County, Maryland at 80 years old.  He was born in 1770.  Rose is 60 years old in the same schedule and was born in Maryland in 1790.  I have no descriptive information on either of them.  Eli and Rose Brittingham were the parents of Henry and grandparents of "Mom Ann" Brittingham Jewett**, my paternal grandfather's maternal great grandparents and my 4th great grandparents.

3rd Greats

5 James G Brown** was born 1830 in Meigs Township, OH and his first cousin, Henrietta Guy** was born 1833 in Meigs Township, OH.  His mother was Lydia Guy (Brown), the sister of Henrietta's father, Amos C. Guy.  Because of this all of the subsequent lines are double relatives.  For example, my mother is my 5th cousin once removed and my mother.  My mother's mother is my 4th cousin twice removed and so on.  One relation stems from James G.** and the other from Henrietta.  James G. and Henrietta's children were Francis** (1853), Cassius (1855), Florence Amelia,** my 2nd great (1857), Mary Ann** (1869) and William P.**(1879). They were the parents of Florence Amelia Brown** and my 3rd great grandparents.

5 Henry P. Longdon (born 1838 in Monitou County, MO) and Mary (maiden name unknown, born in Missouri in 184?) "Grandmother Dickerson" Longdon Dickerson**.  It is told that Henry P. died in a Louisiana fever camp, after being captured by the confederate soldiers. The Missouri records indicate that Pharoah Longdon** was born in Moniteau County, MO and I am only able to identify from the slaves of Jacob Longdon several males who are un-named and may be Henry Longdon. Henry and Mary were the parents of Pharoah Longdon** and my 3rd great grandparents.

5  Joseph A. Green and Fanny (Saunders) Cheatham** were the parents of Harriet Cheatham**.  Joseph A. Green was an business associate of Richard Cheatham, the owner of the Cheatham plantation in Springfield, (Robertson County) TN and owned a grocery store among other business ventures.  He was born about 1790 and died after 1880 in Tennessee.  My grandfather's cousin, Harriet Bowling Hurst White Jones**, who is 93 years old, at this writing, and daughter of Humphrey Bowling, Jr.** says that Green would take her father and his sister, Fanny Bowling Adams Neville**, to church with him when they were very little.  It is said that their mother, his daughter was a favorite of his.  He also had a son, Joseph Cheatham Green** born about 1840, with another slave from the Richard Cheatham plantation named Nicey Cheatham Gunn.  Joe**, as he was called took his father's name after slavery ended.  He lived in Nashville with his wife Marion**, a former slave of the Wessyngton (Joseph Washington) plantation, also, in Springfield, (Robertson County) TN.   Fanny Saunders Cheatham** was born in 1803 on the Edward Saunders plantation (Sumner Co. ?) and was bequeathed to Richard and Susan Saunders (Edward's daughter) Cheatham upon his death about 1825.  Fanny** was then moved to the Richard Cheatham plantation with her mother, Clara, and sisters.  Fanny Cheatham's known children were my 2nd great grandmother, Harriet (1834), Clara (1840), Joseph (1841), Martha (1843) and Anderson (1845).  Fanny, her mother and children were on a slave inventory from the Cheatham plantation taken upon the death of Richard Cheatham in 1845.  Fanny Saunders Cheatham and Joseph A. Green are my 3rd great grandparents.

5  "Little Hannah" Bransford and an unknown slave father are the parents of Sam Bransford (2nd great).  "Little Hannah" was so named because Thomas Beard Bransford also owned a female slave called "Big Hannah".  "Little Hannah" was born about 1800 in Buckingham Co., VA on the plantation of Thomas Beard Bransfords father, John Bransford II.  When Thomas moved to Kentucky "Little Hannah" moved with the family and other slaves.  She bore a son, Matterson or Matt Bransford, fathered by Thomas Beard Bransford in 1819.  She had my 2nd great Sam Bransford in 1825.  She was sold in 1853 after the death of Thomas Bransford in December of 1853 to Tennessee and died there in1879.  Several details of her life were documented in Bransford family papers which were shared by Thomas Bransfords 3rd great granddaughter.  "Little Hannah" Bransford is my 3rd great grandmother.

5  Rhoda Dingus was the mother of Andrew Thomas Dingus** (father of James Andrew Dingus).  Andrew T.'s father is an unknown white man.  Rhoda was born in Giles County, Virginia in 1830.  The details of the will of Charles Anderson Dingess suggests that he was the father of Rhoda with an unknown slave woman.  When he died in 1835, details were left in his will that she be freed on her 21st birthday and the court proceedings of that are documented through the Mercer County Courts with funds to travel to her desired loction with her "increase".  Rhoda Dingus or Dingus is my 3rd great grandmother.

5  Henry Byrd and Melinda or Milly (nee' unknown) were both born in Lawson's District (Somerset County), Maryland in 1820.  He was a sailor and they were my father's father's paternal grandparents.  They are shown by name or free on the 1860 census.  They were the parents of Aaron Byrd and the grandparents of Edward Travis Byrd and the great grandparents of my paternal grandfather Gordon Henry Byrd, Sr.  Henry and Milly are my 3rd great grandparents.

5  Henry Brittingham and Sabra (nee' unknown) were the parents of "Mom Ann" or Ann Brittingham**.  Henry was born in Somerset County in 1820 and died after 1880.  Sabra may have been born in Delaware or Virginia on the DelMarVa Peninsula but her birth year indicates 1835.  She live past 1900 and is shown living with "Mom Ann" Jewett** and Aunt Nancy Byrd** in 1900.  There were 19 "Colored" Brittinghams shown in the Maryland muster for the Civil War and Sabra applied for Henry's Pension in about 1895.  Henry and Sabra are the parents of "Mom Ann" Jewett** and the maternal grandparents of my father's father and my 3rd great grandparents.

2nd Greats

6 Pharoah Longdon** (born 1854 in Monitou County, MO) and Florence Amelia Brown (born in Meigs Township , OH in 1857).  Pharoah Longdon died shortly after the 1930 census while living in Kansas City where he lived with his second wife, May, his 94-year old mother, Mary Dickerson** and May's 9-year old daughter,  Rosie Garey. Pharoah** and Florence** were the parents of Maude Electa Longdon**, my great grandmother and they are my 2nd great grandparents.

6  Sam Bransford and Harriet Cheatham Bowling (widow) were the parents of Hugh Lawson "Dodo" Bransford, Sr., my maternal grandfather's father.  Sam was born in 1825 on the plantation of Thomas Beard Bransford in Glasgow, KY.  He was the 2nd son of "Little Hannah" whose 1st son was by the Thomas Beard Bransford, the slave owner and was named Matterson but called Matt born in 1819.  He was sold to W. F. Pedigo in December of 1853 and moved to Tennessee.  He married the widow, Harriett Cheatham Bowling in 1864.  Harriett Cheatham was born on the Richard and Mary Cheatham plantation in 1834 in Springfield, (Robertson County) TN.  She was the first known child of Fanny Cheatham.  Her first marriage to Humphrey Bowling, Sr. bore Fanny Bowling Adams Neville (1859), Clara Victoria (1860) and Humphrey Bowling, Jr. (1861).  Humphrey, Sr. died in 1861.  The 1864 marriage to Sam bore twins, Samuel and John (1864), Susan (1866), Henry E. also spelled Henrie, a girl (1868), Jennie, (1870) who died before 1880, Celina Mae, called Lena (1871), Anna (1872) and my great grandfather, Hugh Lawson, Sr. (1877).  The 1870 federal census schedule lists a daughter, Charlotte (1852) who was born before either of Harriet's marriages with an unknown father.  No further information is known of Charlotte.  Sam died about 1890 and Harriet died about 1906.  It is believed that there was another son of Harriet's prior to her marriage but this will be discussed at another point.  Sam Bransford and Harriet Cheatham Bowling Bransford were my 2nd great grandparents.

6 Andrew Thomas Dingus** was born 1846 in Giles County, VA and died in 1886 in Elkhorn (McDowell County), WV and Malinda Winston** was born 1858 in Virginia and died in Elkhorn. WV in 1913.  They are the parents of my maternal great grandfather James Andrew Dingus and they are my 2nd great grands.

6  Aaron Byrd and Nancy  (nee' Miles?) were also born and raised in Lawsonia or Lawson's District of Somerset County Maryland or currently called Crisfield.  He was born in 1844 and she in 1846.  They were my father's father's paternal grandparents and my 2nd great grandparents.

6  Preston Jewett and Ann Brittingham** were the parents of my father's father's mother, Sallie Ann Jewett.  I have found nothing on the background of Preston Jewett other than census schedules but Ann Brittingham or "Mom Ann" lived into her 90's in Crisfield and raised Aunt Nancy, my paternal grandfather's youngest sister when their mother Sallie Ann died about 1897.  I have several photographs of "Mom Ann" and her sister (name unknown) and brother Will or William**.  Preston and "Mom Ann" are two of my 2nd great paternal grandparents.

6  Benjamin Stuart and Lucinda (nee' unknown) were the parents of George Washington Stuart**, my father's maternal grandfather.  They are shown in 1870 and 1880 in Virginia's Augusta County's 2nd District (Mt. Sidney Post Office).  Their children were Martha (1850), George**, my great grand (1852), and Sarah (1854), perhaps who my paternal grandmother ws names after.  Benjamins birth year was shown as 1815 or 1817 and Lucinda's or Lucy's is 1816.  There is, however, an 1860 Federal Slave Schedule in Augusta County's 1st District that lists a slave-owning couple, Benjamin and  Mary E. Stuart who owned 4 slaves; males 22 and 42 year old.  The 42 year old may have been my 2nd great grandfather Benjamin Stuart.  Listed directly below this are another slave-owning couple named Andrew  and Martha A. Stuart who owned a slave couple, both aged 60 years.  It is unknown but may be the parents of the 42 year old male slave who is possibley my 2nd great Benjamin Stuart, father of George Washington Stuart**, my paternal grandmother's father.  Benjamin Stuart and Lucinda or Lucy are my 2nd great grandparents.

6  Patrick Jenkins and Mary Jane** (possibly, nee' Curtis) were the parents of Mary Jacintha "Molly" Jenkins Stuart**, my paternal grandmother's mother.  There is an Augusta County listing of slaves with a mulatto girl named Mary who has the same birth year as my 2nd great grandmother.  It was in South River where the first census of Mary is located.  Mary Jane's** father was white.  Patrick was born 1837 in Albermarle or August County, VA and Mary Jane was born 1834 most likely in South River area of August County, VA.  In 1910, the federal census shows Patrick and Mary and here he is now eight years her senior instead of previous schedules that lists Patrick as three years junior to his wife.  Their children were William** (1858), Charles** (1860), Rhoda** (1861), Hettie**(1862), Sarah E. (1863), Mary  Jacintha "Molly"**. (1864), Lucy (1870), Evelina (1873), and Joseph (Nov 1879).  There is an Emily born in 1850 and may have been a daughter of Mary Jane's prior to her marriage to Patrick Jenkins. Patrick and Mary Jane are my 2nd great grandparents.

Great Grands

7 James Andrew Dingus** (born 1872 in Giles County, VA) and Maude Electa Longdon** ( born 1885 in Meigs Township, OH).  James died in 1939 in Oklahoma of tuberculosis and Electa Dingus (Winston) died in 1977.  They are the parents of my grandmother, Aurora Vernita Dingus** and my great grandparents

7 Hugh Lawson Bransford Sr.** (born 1877 in Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee) and Evelyn Goode Hilton (born 1879 in Webster or Halls Crossroads, Harford County, MD).  Hugh Sr. died in July of 1958 and Evelyn Hilton Bransford** died in 1941.  They were my grandfather, Hugh Lawson Bransford Jr.'s** parents, my great grandparents.

7  Edward Travis Byrd and Sallie Ann Jewett were the parents of my paternal grandfather, Gordon Henry Byrd.  Travis, as he was called was born in Lawsonia or Lawson's District (which later became the Brinkley District and later named Crisfield) of Somerset County, Maryland in 1866 or 1867.  Sallie Ann Jewett was also born in the same district in 1866.  They are my paternal line's  (father's father's parents) great grandparents.

7  George Washington Stuart and Mary Jacintha "Molly" Jenkins were the parents of my paternal grandmother, Sarah Lena "Nana" Stuart.  George was born near Mount Sidney, (Augusta County) Virginia in 1852.  Molly was born near South River (Augusta County) Virginia in 1868.  Molly was said to scold my Aunt Gwen, my father's oldest sister and Aunt Gwen ran from "Granny".  Molly (Granny) threw a rock over the house and it hit Aunt Gwen as she ran, sight unseen. George and Molly are my (father's mother's parents) great grandparents.


8 Hugh Lawson Bransford Jr. (born September 09, 1907 in Boston, MA but attended elementary school in East Orange, NJ and lived in Havre de Grace from 1916 permanently in Havre de Grace, MD) and Aurora Vernita Dingus (born  April 3, 1910 in Langston, OK)/  Hugh Jr. died in 1969 and Aurora died in 2001.  They were the parents of my mother, Joyce Hilton Bransford Byrd, my maternal grandparents.

8 Gordon Henry "Pop" Byrd, (born 1888 in Crisfield, MD) and Sara Lena "Nana" Stuart (born 1894 in South River, Augusta County, VA) were the parents of my father, Earl Wesley Byrd.  "Pop" Byrd died in 1954 and Nana died in 1980 on Christmas morning in New Jersey where their children were raised. (Paternal Grandparents)


9 Earl Wesley Byrd (born in 1930 in Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ) and Joyce Hilton Bransford, born in 1930 in Havre de Grace, MD are my, Peter Byrd's, parents and the parents of Joel Alan, Daniel Warren, Evelyn Joetta and Matthew Travis Byrd.


9 Christopher Daniel Miller (born in 1925 in Orangeburg, SC) and Delores Royster (born 1929 in Jersey City, NJ) and were the parents of my wife, Debra Lynn Miller.

Me and my Wife

10 Peter Wesley Byrd (born June 15,1955 in Jersey City, NJ) and Debra Lynn Miller (born January 10, 1955 in Jersey City, NJ).  Our sons are of Wesley and Winston Byrd.   This 10th generation from Robert "Mulatto Robyn" Pearl/Perrill includes my Bransford 1st cousins.

Our Sons

11 Wesley Christopher Byrd, born July 3, 1982 and Winston Daniel Byrd born May 29, 1984 are our children who were both born at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC and both raised in the Courthouse section of Arlington Virginia.  This 11th generation from Robert "Mulatto Robyn" Pearl/Perrill includes my sons, their first cousins and the children of my Bransford 1st cousins.

My Brother's Grandsons

12 Isaah and Joshua Braxton are the sons of Sherman Braxtion and Alexis Byrd Braxton.  Their mother, my niece, is the daughter of Joel Alan Byrd, my brother and Jerra Lynn Belton of Union, New Jersey.  Isaah and Joshua, my borther's grandsons represent the 12th generation from Robert Pearle who was born over 300 years ago within 50 miles of where they live.  The family's journey has taken them from colonial Maryland, including Prince George's County, Anne Arundel, St. Mary's and Frederick Counties, to Frederick, to Ohio,  Missouri, Oklahoma and back to Maryland where many members of the family live today.

The photo to the right is Eliza Stansbury, my mother's paternal great grandmother in Harford County (Hall's Crossroads) born 1843 in the same county.  Her father, called Guinea Ned was born in Guinea Bissau.
Her husband is my great great father, Henry S. Hilton, born 1830 in Harford County, MD.  Henry is the first child of Harriett Stump Hilton and Isaac Hilton, both of Harford County.  Their children were Henry (b. 1831), Alice (b. 1836), Abraham (b. 1839), Alfred, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for Valor following his death in October 1864 from wounds at the Civil War Battle of New Market Heights(VA) (b. 1842), Ann (b. 1843), Eliza (b. 1844), David (b. 1845), Susan (b. 1846) and James (b. 1848).
Henry S. Hilton and Eliza Stansbury's children were William A  (b. 1856), Cassandra (b. 1859), Harriett A.(b. 1859, not a twin of Cassandra), Clara C (b. 1862), John H. (b. 1865), Mary M. (b. 1871), Isaac Oscar (b. 1873), Evelyn, my mother's father's mother, (b. 1877) and Madison, shown in the 1880 Federal Census as H.S, his father's initials at five months old (b. 1880).
The photograph, below, is my great great grandmother, Harriett Cheatham Bowling Bransford, born 1834 in Springfield, TN and the mother of my mother's paternal grandfather, Hugh "Dodo" Lawson Bransford Sr..  Dodo, Hugh Jr. and my mother have/had her ears.  Her children were Fannie Bowling Nevells (b. 1858),  Victoria Bowling (b. 1859), Humphrey Bowling Jr. (b. 1861-d. 1936), John and Sam (twins) Bransford (b. 1864),  Susan Bransford Kitchen (b. 1866), Aunt Henri Bransford Holloway (b. 1868), Jenny Bransford (b. 1870), (Ce)Lena M. Bransford (b. 1871 d. 1959), Anna Bransford (b. 1872) and my great grandfather Hugh Lawson Bransford Jr. who was born 1877 and died in July of 1958.

Harriett Cheatham Bowling Bransford (b.1834 Springfield, TN, Hugh "Dodo"Lawson Bransford Sr mother

The photograph of the woman in the oval frame, below, is Ann (sometimes called Anna in census schedules) Caliman Guy.  She was the daughter of Moses Caliman Sr. and Henrietta Pearl/Pearle/Perrill Caliman.  She was born in 1813 in Frederick, MD.
Her children were James (b. 1831), Henrietta, my great great great grandmother (b. 1833), Deborah (b. 1836), Elisha (b. 1840), Mary A. (b. 1843) and Amos (b. 1846).
Her husband Amos C. Guy (b. 1810) was the 2nd child of James Amos Guy (b. 1772, Anne Arundel Co., MD) and Deborah Ridgley (b. 1776, Anne Arundel Co., MD).  Amos C.'s siblings were Lloyd Ellsworth (b. 1799), Mary A. (b. 1803), Henrietta (b. 1805), Lydia, mother of James G. Brown (with Charles M. Brown), (b. 1807), James Jr. (b. 1813), Allen (b. 1815), William (b. 1817), Samuel (b. 1820), Elisha (b. 1820), Sarah (b. 1822) and Andrew (b. 1824).

Ann Caliman Guy b. 1813, Moses & Henrietta Caliman's daughter, Amos C. Guy's wife

Eliza Stansbury Hilton b 1836 Harford Co,, mother of Madison, Evelyn, Isaac Hilton, et al

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